We realised that what we were leaving behind for our kids was highlights on Facebook and phone pictures in the cloud.

A new way to remember

Stacking Stories was founded in Sweden in 2020. When we realised how easily memories from those early years can fade, we decided to create an enduring memento - a book in which we could collect and preserve life's big milestones and little moments. The result was the book Small Steps, Great Stories - a celebration of the lost art of hand writing and journaling in an age when we store our lives on the cloud. This durable, timeless book is designed in Sweden and made to last.

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We believe that products which we use often and which last longer make for a more sustainable way to consume. The core idea behind the book is simple – a memory book from pregnancy to starting school that you’ll actually want to fill in. That the book looks great on your coffee table and takes pride of place in the centre of your home makes it easy to come back to time and time again. So we aren’t afraid to say that a book we use everyday, and which we will still cherish in 20 years, is a sustainable choice.
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